Saturday, 4 September 2010


ISBN-10: 0-8467-0567-2
Writer: Bradley Smith
Title: The American Way Of Sex
Subtitle: An Informal Illustrated History
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York
Publisher: A. Gemini Smith Inc. Book
Year of Publication: 1978
Format: 218x282mm
Pages: 254
Illustrations: 121 single and full colour plates, pictures and sketches
Binding: Boards in duotone dust jacket
Weight: 1,168gr.
Entry No.: 2010021
Entry Date: 3rd September 2010
From the naked Indians of the past to today’s next-door neighbors, what has been the sexual behavior of the American people? How and why are Americans different from Europeans and Asians in their sexual attitudes? The books is the culmination of a vast search for documentation of sexual customs in relation to American history and environment.

To show the changing sex scene from pre-Columbian America to the present, the author brings to life Indian maidens and conquistadors, Negro mistresses and plantation owners, politicians and clergymen, pimps and priests, celibates and profligates. Giving a fresh and inquisitive, yet amused, look at the journals of the Spanish explorers, church archives of the Pilgrim Fathers, letters of political leaders and diaries of whorehouse madams of New Orleans, New York and San Francisco, Bradley Smith tracks down and interprets pertinent myths, legends, anecdotes and tall tales.

For example, with a few blue glass beads and a twist of tobacco, a trapper buys and Indian girl from her father. In Puritan New England, a man is hanged for bestiality, along with a cow, two heifers, three sheep and two sows found equally guilty of the crime. How to Choose a Mistress by Benjamin Franklin is published while he is postmaster general; later, the post office declares the book obscene. In New Orleans’ licensed “Storyville,” circa 1910, whorehouse madams publish booklets describing their sumptuous furnishings and extolling the talents of their “entertainers.” In the late 1920s Judge Ben B. Lindsey advocates trial marriage. Also during this period, lesbianism becomes relatively respectable.

The ritual sexual hospitality of the Indians and the “bundling” of the Puritans are just as much a part of the American sexual experience as “getting off” with pot in the ‘60s and the use of a mechanical phallus by Masters and Johnson to photograph the female orgasm from within the vagina. All have had a definite effect on social and sexual customs in the USA.

Many never-before published paintings, lithographs and photographs illustrate the changing sexual mores. From the thirty-two pages printed in full color and more than a hundred black-and-white illustrations, a new view of sexuality in America emerges. On a Broadway theatrical poster of 1889, a sinister Chinese “King of the Opium Ring” seduces a drugged young girl. A Kentucky whiskey advertisement displays “zaftig” nude girls cavorting in a harem. In a lithograph, circa 1900, a butler drops his tray as he sees the master making passes at the maid (his wife). A sketch made in 1920 shows an emancipated woman on one of the first divorce trips ever made to Reno, Nevada. The “first” unretouched female American nude is republished.

This book, then, is a review of Americans’ reaction to their sexual environment. Not a sociological study, it is rather a tale-teller’s sketchbook, revealing a pattern that allows the reader relevant glimpses into the joyful, rewarding, disappointing, happy and unhappy –and always interesting– sex life of the American people.

Friday, 3 September 2010


ISBN-10: 0-934395-42-X
Title: Final Report of the Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography
Introduction: Michael J. McManus
Language: English
Edition: Reprint with numerous tables and graphs
Place of Publication: Nashville, TN
Publisher: Rutledge Hill Press, Inc.
Year of Publication: 1986
Format: 161x255mm
Pages: lii+571
Binding: Paperback
Weight: 909gr.
Entry No.: 2010022
Entry Date: 3rd September 2010
From its inception, the U.S. Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography has been at the center of controversy. Assailed by some as an attack on constitutional guarantees of free speech, the Commission has been welcomed with open arms by others.

When the Final Report was issued on July 3, 1986, it became the first government study to claim that research is “virtually unanimous” that “there is a causal relationship between exposure to sexually violent materials and an increase in aggressive behavior directed toward women.” As expected, the release of the Final Report has sparked intense controversy.

At issue is the people’s right to know. What does the Final Report actually say? Will it lead to censorship? Or is it a reasonable document that provides a sensible direction for the future? Only those who read the 92 specific recommendations made by the Commission –and the support offered for them–will be able to answer these questions for themselves.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Writer: Peter Fryer
Title: Mrs Grundy
Subtitle: Studies in English Prudery
Language: English
Edition: First Edition in the U.S.A
Place of Publication: New York
Publisher:London House & Maxwell
Year of Publication: 1964
Format: 140x222mm
Pages: 368
Illustrations: 45 single colour plates and pictures
Jacket Design: Richard Brodney
Binding: Half cloth in three-colour process dust jacket
Weight: 691gr.
Entry No.: 2010019
Entry Date: 1st September 2010


The English seem to have become much less prudish in the past ten years. The so-called "four-letter words" are printed in full; skirts are evn shorter than they were in 1926; sexual behavior, so far as can be judged, is less restricted by taboos and prejudices than at any other time in their history. But are they really in the midst of a permanent revolution in manners?

The author of MRS. GRUNDY thinks not. His book is a detailed and absorbing study of English prudery (which he defines as interference, organized or unorganized, in other people's pleasures) as it has found expressions in various fields since the Middle Ages.

First, he discussesverbal taboos and the consequent euphemisms the English language has produced for parts of the body, sexual activity, excretion and certain articles of clothing. This section includes the first generally available acount of the "four-letter words", their derivation, they ways they have been used, and avoided, at various periods, and the hundreds of polite and non-so-polite substitutes that have been coined to take their place.

Various forms of the body taboo are analyzed: opposition to the use of man-midwives; the prudery that has always greeted new and revealing fashions; and the widespread opposition to the nudist movement in its pionering days.

Lastly, there is a section on prudery in relation to various styles of dancing and such erotic displays as the cancan and striptease, whose history is traced from 1677 to its recent, police-persecuted vogue



ISBN-10: 0-912-880-00-7
Writer: Boyd Cooper
Title: Sex Without Tears
Subtitle: A Guide For The Sexual Revolution
Language: English
Edition: First Edition
Place of Publication: Los Angeles, CA
Publisher: Charles Publishing Company, Inc.
Year of Publication: 1972
Format: 140x222mm
Pages: 224
Jacket Design: Ron Rubenstein
Binding: Boards in duotone dust jacket
Weight: 467gr.
Entry No.: 2010015
Entry Date: 1st September 2010


Dr. Boyd Cooper, the eminent and controversial gynecologist, has written the definitive work on the application of modern knowledge and techniques to avoid the tragedy and heartbreak that so often follow the sex act.

From his intimate experience with the physical and emotional problems of his patients, Dr. Cooper shows how the New Morality can liberate you and your loved ones, how understanding and common sense can prevent the personal tragedies he deals with daily in his medical practice. Sex Without Tears, unlike the “How to…” sex manuals, addresses itself to the total sexual relationship and gives frank, easily understood advice on such problems as contraception, unwanted pregnancies, abortion, adoption, the single mother, early teens ex relations, later-life sex problems and changing marital sex standards.

As an outspoken proponent of women’s rights, Dr. Cooper advocates “abortion upon request,” and his own personal story of how he came to perform his first abortion is a deeply moving description of the decision which shaped the views and attitudes.

No aspect of the subject of sex as it is today and will become tomorrow is left unexplored in Sex Without Tears.