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Writer: Peter Stafford
Τitle: Sexual Behavior in the Communist World
Subtitle: An Eyewitness Report of Life, Love and the Human Condition Behind the Iron Curtain
Introduction: Peter Stafford
Language: English

Place of Publication: New York
Publisher: The Julian Press, Inc.
Year of Publication: 1967
Format: 160x240mm
Pages: 335 (287+48 single colour illustrated supplement)
Illustrations: 122 black and white plates, pictures, drawings, cartoons and film stills)
Jacket Design: Ronald Clyne

Binding: Boards in duotone jacket
Weight: 762gr.

Entry No: 2009037
Date of Entry: 26th May 2009


Never yet has such a revealing account been written of the emotional consequences of living under a Communist regime. Imprisoned women turned over to psychopaths, love suppressed, love lives and marriages as expressions of political opportunities, and the denial of love for the service of state propaganda are only a few of the topics covered in this sweeping survey of sexual attitudes and practices behind the Iron Curtain.

Peter Stafford, a journalist fluent in most European and Asiatic languages, tells from first-hand experience and documented reports of sado-masochistic horrors, dehumanizing, repression and pockets of sexual freedom in that part of the world that has become, to most of us in the West, almost like the dark side of the moon.

Here we learn of prison tortures, political use of sex, wild parties, vestigial secret rites, women raping men, poems of the human heart, even a short story of the universal encounter of a man and a woman in an affair. Here too are the private lives of people at all levels of society under Communism, far more telling than anything we as yet have seen.

A partial summary includes: BULGARIA: The jet set of the Golden Sands. RUSSIA: The land of total hypocrisy in sex. CZECHOSLOVAKIA: The “little Marys.” RUMANIA: Main supply depot for Communist brothels, male and female. POLAND: The most liberal Communist country in regard to sex. CHINA: Human feelings crushed to produce robots for the good of the state. HUNGARY: Tortures in Hungarian prisons; Budapest, the sexiest city in the Communist world. YUGOSLAVIA: The dolce vita of the Dalmation littoral.

Encompassing the period from 1917 to 1967, the structure of the book is threefold:

The official attitude to sex, the various changes throughout the Communist regimes from puritanism to extreme tolerance (legalized abortion, non-formal marriage, very fast divorce). Sex as a weapon of Communist policy. The Central Register of Blackmail (homosexuals, sexual aberrants, nymphos, satyriasis addicts, etc.).

Sexual attitudes and practices in the Communist countries as expressed through literature. Extracts from books, plays, short stories, etc., including miniature articles of material never before translated.

Sexual attitudes in the visual arts‒including the cinema. How sex is influencing painting, sculpture, movies, and television in the Communist countries.

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Τitle: I Am Curious (Yellow)
Subtitle: A Film by Vilgot Sjöman (1924-2006)
Translators: Martin Minow and Jenny Bohman from the Swedish
Language: English
Edition: Third Printing
Place of Publication: New York
Publisher: Grove Press, Inc.
Year of Publication: 1968
Format: 106x177mm
Pages: 254
Illustrations: 266 black and white stills by Sandrews Film and Theater Co. of Stockholm, and Grove Press, Inc.
Cover Photo: Lena Nyman
Binding: Softcover
Weight: 190gr.
Entry No: 2009038
Date of Entry: 19th June 2009


One of the most significant films of the past years is one that American audiences still cannot see. Entitled I Am Curious -- Yellow, it was made by the Swedish director, Vilgot Sjöman, whose earlier films included My Sister, My Love and 491. Wherever the film has been shown in Europe -- in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France-- it has been acclaimed by critics as an important work of art in its honest and forthright portrayal of the social, political, and sexual problems of today's youth.

This volume presents the full text of the scenario, together with 266 stills from the picture. Also included is an appendix of pertinent testimony about the film by key witnesses in the U.S. District Court case.

“One of the most important pictures I have ever seen in my life... I felt I had encountered a major work... I think it is a profoundly moral movie.”
Norman Mailer (1923-2007)

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Τitle: I Am Curious (Blue)
Subtitle: A Film by Vilgot Sjöman (1924-2006)

Translators: Martin Minow and Jenny Bohman from the Swedish
Language: English
First Printing

Place of Publication: New York
Publisher: Grove Press, Inc.
Year of Publication: 1970
Format: 115x182mm
Pages: 219
Illustrations: 276 black and white pictures by Sandrews Film and Theater Company
Jacket Design: Kuhlman Associates
Binding: Hardcover in colour dust jacket
Weight: 276gr.
Entry No: 2009034
Date of Entry: 26th May 2009


Vilgot Sjöman's film I Am Curious (Yellow) has become a household word in America as a result of a storm of controversy ranging from the U.S. Customs which first ruled against it to the many serious reviewers who hailed it as a landmark in world cinema.

I Am Curious (Yellow)
deals primarily with class structure, life in Sweden, non-violence, and value systems. I Am Curious (Blue), shot at the same time as Yellow, is concerned with religion, sex, the role of women in society, and the prison system. Lena Nyman (b. May 23,1944, Stockholm) and Nils Börje Ahlstedt (b. February 21, 1939, Stockholm), the young couple in Yellow, are the principal players in Blue.

I Am Curious is a film within a film,” writes Clyde B. Smith in Film Quarterly. “On the surface this might appear to be an artificial time-worn device. But it works. Sjöman uses it for one kind of purpose in Yellow and for quite another in Blue. In the Yellow film the dual roles of the actors are kept quite separate from each other, but in the Blue film they begin to merge until actor and role become almost indistinguishable...

I Am Curious (Blue) is much more concerned with the relation between people (cause) and the implications of these relations for the social structure of the nation (effect)...

“Anyone with half a mind knows we are living in a time when the status quo is being severely questioned by people of a wide range of persuasions --conservatives, liberals, activists, and the like. Although Sjöman's referents are particular to Sweden, they are nonetheless universal...”

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Title: Sex and the Law
Genre: Documentary, black and white
Language: English (dubbed)
Country of Origin: Denmark
Format: NTSC, DVD
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Narrator: Young female brunette unidentified
Film Director: N/A
Region: 1
No. of Discs: 1
Classification: Unrated
Film Year: 1970
DVD Year: 2004
Running Time: 0:56:13
Product Code: 3558
Entry No.: 2009007
Entry Date: 6th July 2009


From the burgeoning Age of Sexuality in Denmark comes Sex and the Law, an off shoot of the white-coater genre, in which sex and nudity were snuck past the censor by having presented in the form of a serious, sociological documentary.

“Mother of two gets suspended in pornography case,” a news bulletin announces, as we see shots of middle-aged men peering into the windows of porno shops. The unnamed mother at the center of said scandal is a wholesome looking, Mary Tyler Moore-type, who addresses the camera as she contemplates the current state of pornography in Denmark in Denmark, and the ill-defined laws which govern its availability. (And whoever dubbed her voice for American audiences must have had their location bearings right off, as she speaks with an undeniably Irish accent).

The first stop on our little travelogue of filth is a visit to the numerous local porno shops, where suspicious men duck in and out –trying not to look suspicious –as our host claims, “I like a man who likes sex!” And for the pervert who feels too self-conscious about going into an adult shop, special slot machines are lined up on the streets which dispense adult magazines in exchange for a few coins. This is followed by some street vox-pops with local citizens, who air their views on sexuality: “Well, it’s more for old people,” and “I’ve never been married but I never thought it would be like that,” are just some of the profound comments which are offered up by the Danish elite.

“What is perversion?” is the next question to be asked, as the thin line between art and porn is dissected with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. Man’s fixation on black stockings is looked at, and our host –who apparently has spent some as a school counselor (!) –comes down hard on the parents of a boy who punished him for masturbating: “The boy’s parents are worse than criminals!”

The most entertaining moments of Sex and the Law are those which take place on the set of a porno-magazine photo shoot. Max, the director of the shoot (who recently got six months as a result of his occupation) directs the writhing naked bodies in the small cellar, while quick cuts of the finished photos flash in front of the screen. We also see the female model at home having dinner with her husband and two children, while the male model claims that the only reason he’s in the business is to pay his taxes!

“From the cradle to the grave, we need love.” These words of wisdom from our host are proceeded by shots of a man and woman meeting on the street and locking eyes in a puppy-dog fashion” “All the first stirrings of romance!” As our happy couple jump into a car and head out for a picnic, the film turns to color, and a glance through a porno magazine somehow compels them to declare their undying love for each other.

So you see, pornography does have a positive influence on people’s lives!
John Harrison, The Graveyard Tramp


ISBN-10: 0-87975-182-7
Editors: David Copp and Susan Wendell
Τitle: Pornography And Censorship
Preface: David Copp and Susan Wendell
Language: English

Place of Publication: Buffalo, N.Y.
Publisher: Prometheus Books
Year of Publication: 1983
Format: 153x227x30mm

Pages: 414
Binding: Paperback
Weight: 626gr.
Entry No.: 2009054
Entry Date: 8th September 2009


Included in this comprehensive volume are empirical studies, legal cases, and philosophical essays that discuss the ethical, political, and legal issues with respect to the pornography/censorship controversy and assess the impact of empirical research on these issues. The interdisciplinary nature of Pornography and Censorship reflects the editors' conviction that wise decision-making on public issues requires empirical knowledge, philosophical clarity, and an understanding of the difficulties associated with formulating principles that can be applied in the law.


Writer: Vilgot Sjöman
Τitle: I Was Curious
Subtitle: Diary of the making of a film
Translated from the Swedish by Alan Blair
First Printing
Place of Publication: New York
Publisher: Grove Press, Inc.
Year of Publication: 1968
Format: 142x208mm
Pages: 217
Illustrations: 23 black and white plates and pictures by Kenneth Skogsberg, Peter Webster, and Raymond Lundberg
Binding: Boards in duotone dust jacket
Weight: 428gr.
Price: USD 5.95
Entry No.: 2009075
Entry Date: 15th January 2009


Early in 1966, Swedish filmmaker Vilgot Sjöman began to formulate an idea for a film that would be a portrait of Sweden in the late sixties, and would particularly reflect the social, political, and sexual problems of today’s youth. The idea was realized in his now controversial film I Am Curious –Yellow. The film has been hailed by critics as one of the most significant of recent years, and yet it is presently banned in the United States.

Sjöman conceived of the film as a kaleidoscopic portrait rather than as a simple story. He planned to combine documentary sections with feature film, studio and location shots, to use both professional actors and amateurs, to form an acting and production troupe totally involved in the project.

The focal point of the film is a young girl, Lena Nyman, who is curious about everything and is struggling to understand herself and the world about her by asking questions and collecting a vast array of miscellaneous materials. She conducts her own interviews and experiments to learn the attitudes people have toward the Swedish social structure, non-violence, and sex. Through her curiosity, the film explores these areas.

I Was Curious
is the account of the making of this film. It is too a kaleidoscopic, as flashbacks have been inserted and dates have been shuffled to juxtapose what had been planned with the actual outcome. In effect, the diary presents the preparation for the film, the filming itself, and reflections on the result―frequently outside of chronological order.

The diary not only describes technical problems and solutions, but it is also a close account of the personal interrelationship of director, actors, technicians, film editor, and friends. The totality of their reactions also becomes woven into the film about making a film―a mixture of actuality and a planned production―which is achieved through improvisation. Thus I Was Curious follows this small group through the entire process of making a 3½ hour film, which was begun in 1966 and finished in 1967, and ultimately became two parallel versions. I Am Curious―Yellow was seized by U.S. Customs. The censorship was upheld in the U.S. District Court and is now being appealed. I Am Curious―Blue is being shown in Sweden, but has not yet come to the United States.

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ISBN-10: 0-06-090253-1
Writers: Birgitta Linnér in collaboration with Richard J. Litell
Τitle: Sex and Society in Sweden
Preface: Lester A. Kirkendall
Introduction: Birgitta Linnér
Language: English
Edition: First Harper Colophon Edition
Place of Publication: New York, Evanston, San Francisco, London
Publisher: Harper & Row, Publishers
Year of Publication: 1972

Format: 132x202mm
Pages: xix+225
Illustrations: 32 black and white plates by Lennart Nilsson, and sketches by Barbro Söderstam & Bertilson
Cover Design: Roger Zimmerman
Binding: Paperback in duotone covers
Weight: 235gr.
Entry No: 2009035
Date of Entry: 26th May 2009


Sex and Society in Sweden gives American readers an opportunity to look at the Swedish way of handling sex problems and teaching about sex in the schools... [The author] writes as a specialist and as a strong partisan of social change, but also as a woman deeply concerned with human relationships and adult responsibilities for children.”
Margaret Mead, Redbook

“This is an authoritative discussion by a lawyer and family life counselor of contemporary Swedish efforts to come to terms with human sexuality and to educate youth about it… Because it is a book that is open, honest, and reliable regarding the real situation in Sweden, it should prove of unusual value and interest to parents and educators everywhere.”
SIECUS Newsletter

“With sex-education programs bursting out all over the United States, this book describing Sweden's 20-year-old state program on sex education is an important guide for parents, teachers, ministers, politicians, and physicians. It is both a ‘how to’ and a ‘what-not-to-do’ book, covering Sweden's successes and failures.”
John C. Devlin, New York Times

Sex and Society in Sweden presents a vision, a blueprint, and a reality… The books merits serious attention by anyone who, like Mrs. Linnér, dreams of a world in which men and women share life to the full, and in which they do not have to cross a field that is mined with guilt, unwanted pregnancies, abortions, and venereal disease in order to reach the garden of Eden.”
George Krupp, Saturday Review


ISBN-10: 0-275-50770-X
Writers: Kenneth Turan & Stephen F. Zito
Τitle: Sinema
Subtitle: American Pornographic Films and The People Who Make Them
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York • Washington
Publisher: Praeger Pubishers, Inc.

Year of Publication: 1974
Format: 158x234mm

Pages: xi+244
Illustrations: 51 black and white pictures by Kenneth Turan et al.
Jacket Design: Roy Kuhlman

Binding: Boards in colour jacket
Weight: 714gr.

Entry No: 2009033
Date of Entry: 20th May 2009

Russ Meyer's first film, The Immoral Mr. Teas, started the wave of cinematic sexual permissiveness chronicled in this definitive study of the dirty-movie industry. Vixen, his biggest success, produced for $72,000 in 1968—“on the basis of what it cost, the most successful that's ever been made”--has grossed over $7.5 million.

Profits of that magnitude, approached by several hard-core films of the seventies, alone might account for the fascination and serious value of Turan and Zito's book. This is Big Business, and its moguls have their headaches. Distribution problems are real. So is the constant threat of censorship and litigation. But the book also contributes to an understanding of the changing mores of American society. Sex movies—some with moments of erotic beauty, others dreary all the way; many berated for their violence and kinkiness, others admired for their zany humor—are being shown in commercial theaters throughout the country to sell-out mixed and middle-class audiences. (“The thing that shocked me most about Deep Throat,” a major studio's vice-president says, “was that nobody in the audience was a dirty old man with a raincoat. They were all young couples.”)

Here is the vivid history of the industry, from stag films, loops, sex-education epics, Nudies and Nudie-Cuties to today's hard-core heterosexual, bisexual, and gay movies. It is spiced by candid, in-depth interviews with the people who are part of it: featured players Marilyn Chambers (the Ivory Snow girl), Mary Rexroth (poet's daughter), Harry Reems, Marsha Jordan, Cal Culver (“Casey Donovan”), John Holmes (“Long Johnny Wadd”), producers and directors Dave Friedman (self-styled “porno king” and supreme jokester of the genre), Radley Metzger, Gerald Damiano. Many are funny; all are frank, forthright, and vividly portrayed. Original camera portraits by Kenneth Turan of some of these interview subjects enhance the 32-page section of photographs.

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Writer: Hans Peter Bleuel
Τitle: Sex and Society in Nazi Germany
Translator: J. Maxwell Brownjohn from the German
Preface: Heinrich Fraenkel
Introduction: Hans Peter Bleuel
Language: English
Edition: 12/1974

Place of Publication: New York
Publisher: Bantam Books, Inc.
Year of Publication: 1974
Format: 106x178mm
Pages: ix+364
Illustrations: 28 black and white plates, pictures and cartoons

Binding: Paperback
Weight: 218gr.
Entry No: 2009039
Date of Entry: 19th June 2009


Hans Peter Bleuel has produced a startling document of a depraved society ‒its grotesque private and public behavior, its attitudes toward marriage, prostitution, homosexuality, masturbation and illegitimacy. Here are vivid, shocking portraits of the lecherous Goebbels, the homosexual Röhm, the priggish Himmler, the lustful Heydrich and the barren, frightened Adolf Hitler.

An arresting, horrifying study of a society gone mad, granted a license for perversity by the Führer himself.


Writers: Kenneth Tynan, et al.
Τitle: Oh! Calcutta!
Subtitle: An Entertainment with Music
Edition: First Printing
Place of Publication: New York
Publisher: Grove Press, Inc.
Year of Publication: 1969
Format: 140x206mm
Pages: 192
Illustrations: 66 black and white plates and pictures by Friedman-Abeles
Jacket Painting:“Oh! Calcutta!” by Clovis Trouille
Binding: Cloth boards in colour dust jacket
Weight: 409gr.
Entry No.: 2009074
Entry Date: 15th January 2009


“Some time ago,” said the British drama critic and literary manager of the National Theatre, Kenneth Tynan, in an article in the Village Voice, “it occurred to me that there was no place for a civilized man to take a civilized woman to spend an evening of civilized erotic stimulation. At one end, there’s burlesque, at the other, an expensive night club, but no place in between. We’re trying to fill that gap with this show.”

His method of filling it was to ask a number of distinguished authors on both sides of the Atlantic if they would care to contribute forthright pieces of a frankly erotic nature. The authors responded with what Mr. Tynan referred to half-seriously as “embarrassing enthusiasm.” The result was a group of sketches which deal with almost every conceivable erotic fantasy and sexual reality that Western man had dreamt up or experienced. The distinguished roster of authors includes Samuel Beckett, Edna O’Brien, Jules Feiffer, Leonard Melfi, John Lennon, and, not to be outdone, Kenneth Tynan himself.

The title of this revue, which opened in June in New York, after two months of sold-out previews, is taken from the title of a painting by the French Surrealist painter Clovis Trouille. Its meaning, which is at least intimated by the front cover reproduction of the painting, contains a phonetic French pun: “Oh! Quelle ‒ ‒ ‒ t’as!” Or freely translated: “Oh! What a lovely ‒ ‒ ‒ you have!”

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ISBN-13: N/A
Writers: William & Jerrye Breedlove
Title: Swap Clubs
Subtitle: A Study in Contemporary Sexual Mores
Language: English
Place of Publication: Los Angeles, Calif.
Publisher: Sherbourne Press
Year of Publication: 1964
Format: 140x210mm
Pages: 256
Binding: Boards in duotone dust cover
Weight: 403gr.
Entry No.: 2010026
Entry Date: 15th November 2010


The tabloids and expose-type magazines are no longer alone in reporting activities of swap clubs –groups of married people who actively switch mates for a night or weekend –as a matter of course. Staid, conservative journals are joining the reportage of a phenomenon that appears to be sweeping the country in the form of a “Sexual Underground.” Who are the Swappers? Where do they live? What do they do? As soon as these questions are raised and answered in one part of the country, they are proposed and answered differently in another region.

The truth is, none of the answers are wrong.

Swap Clubs are active in every known region of the United States. We can no longer pass them off as sport or pastimes of the idle rich, nor bored suburbanites. Swap clubs exist in the big cities, the suburban areas and even in farm belts. Amazingly enough, there is a relatively low percentage of divorce, a high incidence of middle to upper bracket incomes, strong evidence of religious and moral upbringing and a constructive attitude toward higher education.

Indeed, the educational and job levels of The Swinging Set must stagger the imagination.

What do these people do?

How do they meet?

How do they cope with “unwanted pregnancy”?

What is their attitude to alcohol and narcotics?

Are they all atheists?

Is this the beginning of a movement to overthrow contemporary morality and institute a new, godless, amoral society?

These questions are all probed and answered in detail in this book, a virtual Who’s Who of mate swapping. The Swapper’s own code of ethics is explained along with what they hope to accomplish in the way of sexual freedom for themselves and their children.


ISBN-13: 978-0-684-81037-9
Writer: John Heidenry
Title: What Wild Ecstacy
Subtitle: The Rise and Fall of the Sexual Revolution
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Year of Publication: 1997
Format: 160x242mm
Pages: 448
Binding: Boards in colour dust jacket designed by Archie Ferguson. Jacket photograph by Swanstock/Patty Carroll
Weight: 727gr.
Entry No.: 2010025
Entry Date: 15th November 2010


In many respects, the Sexual Revolution was the catalyst that sex in motion social life as we know it at the end of the twentieth century. Yet many of us have difficulty remembering –or never knew– just when and where the first shots were fired, how the battle was waged, and who fought on its front lines. In this first popular history of the turbulent last three decades of American sexual culture, journalist John Heidenry completes our sexual education. His startling you-are-there account takes us behind the closed doors of clubs and courtrooms, research labs and bedrooms, to find out who did what to whom–and how, when, where, and why–in the wide world of human sexuality.

In cinematic style, the narrative jump-cuts dramatically between story lines, covering a dazzling array of people, places and events –both little-known and headline-making –as Heidenry expertly navigates the current of sexual manners and mores. We witness the coming of age of the science of sexology; the burgeoning of popular culture, in which magazines such as Screw and films such as Deep Throat won fans and fanned controversies over freedom of expression; the movement for the rights of gay men, lesbians, and other sexual minorities; and the effect of all these innovations and upheavals on the general public, which gained a new sexual awareness even as it lost its consensus on premarital sex, abortion, and virtually every other sex-related issue.

All in all, it was a cultural earthquake whose aftertremors can still be felt –in science, the arts, business, media, and the day-to-day lives of ordinary mortals, for whom sex is, in Heidenry’s phrase, “the poor woman’s on poor man’s grand opera.” New, at last, a watershed era has found a writer who does justice to its impact and its aftermath.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


ISBN-10: 0-87223-393-6
Writer: Morton Hunt
Title: Sexual Behavior in the 1970s
Edition: First Edition
Language: English
Place of Publication: Chicago, IL
Publisher: A Playboy Press Book
Year of Publication: 1974
Format: 160x240mm
Pages: xiii+395
Jacket Design: The New Studio
Binding: Boards in duotone dust jacket
Weight: 935gr.
Entry No.: 2010016
Entry Date: 2nd November 2010


In 1948 it was Sexual Behavior in the Human Male by Alfred Kinsey, et al…. In 1953 it was Sexual Behavior in the Human Female by Alfred Kinsey, et al…. In 1966 it was Human  Sexual Response by Masters and Johnson.

And now, it is SEXUAL BEHAVIOR IN THE1970s by Morton Hunt.

Time magazine calls Morton Hunt’s book “the most far-ranging U.S. poll since Kinsey’s famous studies…points to a newly sensual America.”

Nicholas von Hoffman of King Features Syndicate says “This truly valuable study should reassure us that we’re not losing our marbles or becoming degenerates.”

Morton Hunt’s book reveals that today:
80 percent of young women lose their virginity before marriage.
Three times as many young wives are having extramarital affairs as in Kinsey’s time.
Over 50 percent of young college men have intercourse before age 17.
Many formerly rare or forbidden sexual techniques are now widely used – even  by the married.
Surprisingly, the new liberated sex remains intimately linked with love and marriage.

Dr. Albert Ellis, executive director of the Institute for Advanced Study in Rational Psychotherapy, calls SEXUAL BEHAVIOR IN The 1970s  “the most up-to-date and relevant knowledge of sex-love relationships now available. Must reading for professionals and members of the public who want incisive understanding.”

Readers will learn who really won the sexual revolution, which activities declined, which increased, which new ones were born. They will discover how their own sex lives compare with those of their fellow Americans.

The conclusions are based on an extensive national questionnaire survey funded by the Playboy Foundation. The investigation covered 2026 adults, and was supplemented by in-depth tape-recorded interviews with an additional 100 men and 100 women. Sexual conservatives, moderates and super-swingers speak candidly about every aspect of their love lives.

“Here is Playboy’s new Kinsey report – a mirror for you to hold up to yourself, in order to see the shape of your own sex life against the statistics, case histories and moral philosophizing in America today. Part scholarly, part popular-science writing, it fascinates, informs and forces the world to put it on its list of required reading” – John  Money, Ph. D., The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.