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Τitle: Evergreen Review, Volume 12, Number 56, July 1968
Publisher: Evergreen Review, Inc., New York
Editor: Barney Rosset
Managing Editor: Fred Jordan
Associate Editors: Donald Allen, Marilynn Meeker, Richard Seaver
Contributing Editors: John Lahr, Jack Newfield
Assistant Editor: Helen Brown
Language: English

Country of Origin: U.S.A.
Format: 210x277mm (trimmed)

Pages: 98 single colour including duotone covers
Illustrations: 90+duotone and black and white plates, pictures and cartoons
Front Cover Photo: Scene from Vilgot Sj
öman's I Am Curious -Yellow
Frequency: Monthly
Βinding: Square-bound glued spine
Weight: 244gr.
Single Copy: USD 1.00
Subscription rates (12 issues): USD 9.00  • (24 issues) USD 16.00


(12) Letters to the Editor
(15) The Tattooed Wife by Aki Tanino
(19) I Was Curious by Vilgot Sjöman
(23) Sex and Politics: An Interview with Vilgot Sjöman by John Lahr
(27) Three Poems by Tam Fiofori
(29) Wife in the Saddle by Goffredo Parise
(33)The Theater’s Voluptuary Itch by John Lahr
(35) Psychedelic Burlesque! by Mary Ellen Mark
(45) Al Fatah Speaks: A Conversation with “Abu Amar” by Abdullah Schleifer
(47) Peace is a Duty in the Near east as in Vetnam by Pierre Mendès France
(49) Behold the New Journalism – It’s Coming After You! by Nat Hentoff
(53) The Story by Tom Stoppard
(55) Prick Lore by Edward Field
(57) The Magical Mystery Trip by Timothy Leary
(63) Due Apologies from Behind the Wheel of a Big VS by Jean-Francis Held
(66) Vietnam Déjà Vu: A Film Review of Goddard’s La Chinoise by Lisa Eliscu


ISBN-13: 978-0-8133-4248-1
Writer: Rodger Streitmatter
Title: Sex Sells!
Subttile: The Media’s Journey from Repression to Obsession
Language: English
Place of Publication: Cambridge, MA
Publisher: Westview Press, A Member of the Perseus Books Group
Year of Publication: 2004
Format: 151x232mm
Pages:xix+283 printed on alk. Paper; Notes, 247; Index, 273
Illustrations: 1 colour picture by Jeff Watts on the back flap; more illustrations are available at the writer's homepage
Jacket Design: Wendy Halitzer
Binding: Boards  in colour dust jacket
Weight: 559gr.
Original Price: USD 26.00 / 36.95 (Canada)
Entry No.: 2011016
Entry Date: 22nd August 2011


In 1953 Lucille Ball became pregnant, the censors required the characters on I Love Lucy  to say only that the wacky redhead was “in the family way.: The feared the word “pregnant” might conjure up, in the minds of viewers, images of a man and woman having sexual intercourse. Now, some fifty years later, from giant billboards featuring nearly nude models in Times Square to Bill Clinton’s creative definition of sex to Madonna and Britney’s prime-time kiss, sex pervades virtually every aspect of public life. What happened?

Sex Sells! Illuminates this arc from repression to obsession, showing how sexual mores have changed during the last five decades. Not only does the authpr examine the broad range of media genres that have reflected this libidinous journey, but he also shows how the media have played a leading role in propelling the Sexual Revolution. Streitmatter argues that much of the media’s sexual content is actually beneficial, because it gives parents and educators a way to broach difficult subjects like AIDS, sexual identity, and appropriate sexual behavior.

In our age of continuing sexual liberation, such a clear understanding of the sometimes cynical, sometimes idealistic history behind the “sexing-up” of America is more important than ever before.

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ISBN-13: 978-0-465-03020-0
Writer: Vern L. Bullough
Title: Science In The Bedroom
Subttile: A History of Sex Research
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York
Publisher: BasicBooks, A Division of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.
Year of Publication: 1994
Format: 157x240mm
Pages:viii+376;Notes 301; Index, 361
Illustrations: 1 single colour  on back flap by Andrea Sperling/FPG
Jacket Design: Paul Gamarello
Binding: Cloth spine and boards in duotone dust jacket
Weight: 780gr.
Original Price: USD 25.00
Entry No.: 2011015
Entry Date: 2nd August 2011


From the first serious sex research study ever undertaken (in France with a group of prostitutes in 1830) to the work of Masters and Johnson in our own day, sex research has been a field mired in controversy. Science in the Bedroom shows how, for most of its history and in whatever country it has been undertaken, sex research has been driven by forces outside itself. Among those forces have been groups marginalized as deviant, including homosexuals, free-love advocates, and feminists; courts and governments in search of independent data to support public morality standards; the desires of women for safe and effective contraceptive devices freely disseminated; the desire of doctors to medicalize all sex research and to view only the research that produces treatment therapies as valuable; and the fears of public funding institutes that their images  will be sullied if they support independent sex research. The book traces how this moral overtone led the Rockefeller family to support sex research and how their money led to basic scientific  breakthroughs in the 1920s and 1930s, culminating in the Kinsey studies. The backlash was so great, however, that the Rockefeller Foundation dropped its sex studies.

Based on archival sources and extensive personal interviews, Science in the Bedroom celebrates the lives and work of the major figures who risked their academic reputations to work ina stigmatized field. Vern L. Bullough emphasizes the difficulty of researching sex, since it involves not only biology but psychology, sociology, anthropology, history literature, and a variety of professions, including medicine, religion, law, nursing, and social work. Containing fascinating new material on the efforts of a group of turn-of-the-century German homosexuals to decriminalize homosexuality, and on such important but largely forgotten female sex researchers as Katherine Bement Davis and Clelia Mosher, the book credits courageous homosexuals and feminists for much of the best early work.