Thursday, 31 October 2013


ISBN-13: 978-1-55365-015-7
Writer: Chris Gudgeon
Title: The Naked Truth
Subtitle: The Untold Story of Sex in Canada
Language: English
Place of Publication: Vancouver/Toronto/Berkeley
Publisher: Greystone Books / Douglas & McIntyre Publishing Group
Year of Publication: 2003
Format: 139x215mm (trimmed)
Pages: 223 printed on acid-free paper
Illustrations: 1 black and white map
Cover Design: Peter Cocking
Cover Photo: Alastair Bird Photography
Binding: Paperback in colour printed wrappers
Original Price: CAD 22.95 / USD 14.95
Weight: 279gr.
Entry No.: 2012004
Entry Date: 25th January 2012


[1] Introduction
[9] Bare Essentials
[31] Beginning with a Bang
[50] Dirty Hewers
[75] Busy Little Beavers
[102] Swing Shifts
[131] Bare-Naked Ladies
[160] Porn to be Wild
[186[ Gay ol' Times
[210] Sex on the Beach
[220] Sindex

Wednesday, 30 October 2013


ISBN-13: 978-0-340-83795-0
Writer: Robert A. Heinlein
Title: Stranger in a Strange Land
Subtitle: The original version of the science fiction classic
Introduction: Virginia Heinlein
Language: English
Place of Publication: London
Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton Ltd
Year of Publicat
tion: 2005
Format: 110x178mm (trimmed)
Pages: xi+655
Cover Illustration: Steve Crisp
Binding: paperback in colour printed wrappers
Weight: 368gr.
Original Price: GBP 7.99
Entry No.: 20130042
Entry Date: 30th October 2013


Epic, entertaining, Stranger in a Strange Land caused an uproar when it first appeared as it savaged conventional, religious, sexual and social ideas.

Still topical and challenging, the story of Valentine Michael Smith
the first man from Mars to visit Earth is in the great tradition that stretches from Gulliver's Travels to 1984.

Originally published in a shorter version, this is the most celebrated science fiction novel of all time in its full, unexpurgated form.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013


ISBN-10: N/A
Writers: Rustum & Della Roy
Title: Honest Sex
Subtitle: A Revolutionary New Sex Guide for the New Generation of Christians
Language: English
Edition: First Printing
Place of Publication: New York, N.Y.
Publisher: Signet Books
Year of Publica
tion: 1969
Format: 106x178mm (trimmed)
Pages: 223; Sources, 203; Annonated Bibliography, 206; Inde3x, 215
Binding: paperback in colour printed wrappers
Weight: 139gr.
Original Price: USD 0.95
Entry No.: 20130041
Entry Date: 29th October 2013


Can a practising Christian consistently engage in any of all of the following:
Masturbation, Pre-Marital Intercourse, Adultery, Wife-Swapping, Homosexuality, Abortion

To many this book and what is says will be highly controversial, even offensive. But none will be able to deny it serious intent in revising traditional sexual guidelines in the light of the dramatic changes in American life. At a time when the Sex Revolution is breaking down the last barriers, and the "God is dead" theology has undercut established morality, this bold and far-reaching book speaks out to men and women living in the here and now.


ISBN-10: N/A
Writer: Robert H. Rimmer
Title: The Rebellion of Yale Marratt
Language: English
Edition: Twelfth Printing
Place of Publication: New York, N.Y.
Publisher: Avon Books
Year of Publicat
tion: 1967
Format: 106x178mm (trimmed)
Pages: 528
Binding: paperback in colour printed wrappers
Weight: 277gr.
Original Price: USD 1.95
Entry No.: 20130040
Entry Date: 29th October 2013


In these times of sexual and moral upheaval, Robert Rimmer is the boldest novelist of them all!

The Rebeliion of Yale Marratt has taken on the whole of American morality and turned the story of one man's unconventional sexual life into a national controvesry.

You may not dare to live this way
–but your attitudes toward sexual behavior will never be the same again!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


ISBN-13: 978-0-275-98879-1
Writer: Jane Mersky Leder
Title: Thanks for the Memories
Subtitle: Love, Sex, and World War II
Introduction: Jane Mersky Leder
Language: English
Edition: First Edition
Place of Publication: Westport, CT, and London
Publisher: Praeger Publishers
Year of Publicat
tion: 2006
Format: 160x242mm
Pages: 185; Selected Bibliography, 169,  Index, 175
Illustrations: 41 black and white pictures; cover images by CORBIS
Binding: boards in duotone dust jacket designed by Laura Shaw Design, Inc.
Weight: 537gr.
Original Price: N/A
Entry No.: 2013039
Entry Date: 23rd October 2013


The collective consciousness of World War II revolved around the virtues of bravery, sacrifice, and commitment. Members of the “The Greatest Generation” toed political and social lines in hopes of winning the war. They fell into lockstep, asking very few questions, and breaking few social and sexual mores. Or did they?

In fact, World War II was –like all wars–a time of sexual experimentation and a general loosening of morals. It was a time of conflicting emotions and conflicting messages, a time of great sacrifice, and a time of discovery, when some groups, especially women, experienced a relaxing of bonds that had kept them in check. Thanks for the Memories: Love, Sex, and World War II is the true story of how the World War II generation responded to the passions of war, and how those passions changed their lives–and the relationships between the sexes–forever.

But this book is more than that. As Jane Mersky Leder writes, “Thanks for the Memories opens the hearts and memories of a generation that is dying, by one estimate, at the rate of more than 1,000 a day.” It exposes the sexual and romantic escapades of “The Greatest Generation” and underscores how those four war years revolutionized relationships (including those between gays), and how it helped set the stage for the second wave of the women’s liberation movement.

“Many who never thought their stories muttered,” Leder writes, “now feel the pull of limited time, and the importance of leaving an accurate account for their children and grandchildren of what it was like to be a young man or young woman during World War II.

This is their collective story.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


ISBN-10: 0-688-065366-8
Writer: Arno Karlen
Title: Threesomes
Subtitle: Studies in Sex, Power, and Intimacy
Introduction: Arno Karlen
Language: English
Edition: First Edition
Place of Publication: New York, N.Y.
Publisher: Beech Tree Books / William Morrow and Company, Inc.
Year of Publicat
tion: 1988
Format: 162x243mm
Pages: 370; Appendix, 313; Critical Bibliography, 354
Binding: cloth spine and boards in colour dust jacket designen by Honi Werner
Weight: 702gr.
Original Price: USD 18.95
Entry No.: 2013038
Entry Date: 22nd October 2013


Three people in one bed – a sexual arrangement much talked about but unexplored and misunderstood until now. The experience is unique, yet it throws startling new light on power, intimacy, commitment, and other facts of love and sex for everyone.

Threesomes is the culmination of twenty years' research. Based on extensive interviews with hundreds of people, it follows one, two, and sometimes even all members of a threesome over many years. It reveals, often in their own words, their family and social backgrounds; their sexual histories, loves, and marriages; how their threesomes began and proceeded; how the sexual event changedc each person and relationship.

Many  of us have trouble sharing a toothbrush; how did these trios manage to share lovers, mates, and children? How did three scenarios mesh? What was the sexual, emotional,a nd domestic aftermath? And just what maeks the threesome a uniquely exciting, life-changing experience?

Most people live their adult lives in pairs. But Arno Karlen has found that threesomes
– from one-night flings to long, tree-way marriages – magnify the feelings that arise in all of us. Threesomes  highlight male and female sexuality, competition, appeasement, abandon, erotic ecstasy, jealousy, homoeroticism, Oedipal reenactment, and magical fantasy. They illuminate what we all feel and do.

Threesomes is a fascinating, systematic landmark study of sexuality. It is as shocking and dramatic as it is thorough and intelligent. And its findings will surprise many, for it reaches to the core of mateship in America.


ISBN-10: 0-451-03896-095
Writer: Robert H. Rimmer
Title: Proposition 31
Subtitle: 19th-Century America
A Word to the Reader: Sylvia MaI
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York, N.Y.
Publisher: Signet Books /The New American Library, Inc.
Year of Publicat
tion: 1969
Format: 108x178mm (trimmed)
Pages: 285
Binding: paperback in colour printed wrappers
Weight: 179gr.
Original Price: USD 0.95
Entry No.: 2013037
Entry Date: 22nd October 2013


VOTE YES for Proposition 31

 Legalized group marriage Guilt-free sex Moral sanity Meaningful mate-sharing Preservation of the family
VOTE NO against
Adultery and divorce Loveless wife-swapping Hypocritical monogamy Sexual inhibitionBefore you go to the polls, read the remarkable story of Nancy and David Herndon and Tanya and Horace Shea two respectable middle-class couples who dare to live and love together freely, in open defiance of outmoded morality. Their courageous experiment in group wedlock will shock, even stun, you. But it may alter forever your thinking on the meaning of marriage and the nature of sexuality.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013


ISBN-10: 0-253-18064-3
Writer: Raymond Lee Muncy
Title: Sex and Marriage in Utopian Commmunities
Subtitle: 19th-Century America
Introduction: Robert H. Rimmer
Language: English
Place of Publication: Bloomington, London
Publisher: Indiana University Press
Year of Publication: 1973
Format: 145x220mm
Pages: 275
Illustrations: one black and white picture of the writer on the back dust jacket
Binding: cloth in duotone dust jacket designed by Guy Fleming
Weight: 678gr.
Original Price: USD 10.00
Entry No.: 2013035
Entry Date: 15th October 2013


Nearly two thousand communes now flourish, their members presumably seeking to escape from the traditional life style of the nuclear family. A similar path was traveled a century ago by utopian idealists who also chose to separate themselves from society to achieve an ideal. Like modern communes, those of the nineteenth century varied in their purposes, ideals, and sexual arrangements. Mr. Muncy concentrates on those that were original or unique in their approach to sex and marriage.

Three basically different types of utopian community were founded in America during the nineteenth century: (1) the sectarian communities inspired by a common desire for the good life on earth, but particularly for eternal life; (2) the reform communities, which attempted to lead the world to a perfect order through the application of reform principles on a small scale,a nd which trusted others, and eventually the whole world to follow their example; and (3) the purely economic cooperatives, which sought to alleviate the distresses of their members by combining their resources apart from the harsh competition of capitalism.

The majority of the utopian communities – including those founded by Robert Owen, Charles Fourier, and Etienne Cabet –attempted to maintain the separate family unit, sometimes adding a  communal dining hall, but found the exclusiveness of the family a problem. Several religious communities where continence was practiced –the Shakers, Rappites, Zoarites, and Jansonists among them–were more successful in maintaining a communal arrangement. The Mormons adopted polygyny, propounding the doctrine of “celestial marriage” to bolster their practice with theology. The Perfectionists at Oneida adopted a system, of complex marriage wherein each was married to all others of the opposite sex in the community. Some communities practiced free love, others made sexual orgies occasions of divine worship.

Generally, Mr. Muncy finds that communities were forced either to modify or abandon the monogamous nuclear family if they were to last for long. A fascinating piece of American social history that is exhaustive, objective, and informative.