Friday, 21 November 2014


Writer: Morton Hunt
Title: The Affair  
Subtitle: A Portrait of Extra-Marital Love in Contemporary America
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York / Cleveland

Publisher: The World Publishing Company  
Year of Publication: 1969 Format: 145x218 Pages: xvi+317 Binding: red cloth in single colour dust jacket designed by Herb Lubalin Weight: 616gr. Original Price: USD 6.95 Entry Date: 2014034 Entry Date: 21st November 2014


A majority of American husbands and a substantial minority of wives sooner or later are unfaithful to their mates. Yet despite the fact that the extra-marital affair affects so intimately the lives of most Americans, there has been, until now, virtually no in-depth reportage of this deeply significant human experience. The world of the unfaithful has remained a vast underground in our society, romanticized and yet condemned, known of but not understood -a hidden world with manners and mores, delights and despairs all of its own.

Now Morton Hunt -whose earlier best-seller laid bare The World of the Formerly Married -allows readers to enter this secret world throygh the actual words and experiences of eighty unfaithful men and women and many of their lovers and their "wronged" mates. In The Affair these men and women speak of their hopes and disappointments, their joys and heartbreaks, as they relive the various types of extra-marital involvements ...from the one-night chance encounter with a stranger far from home to the intense, deeply disturbing love affair that brings a placid marriage crashing down in ruins.

From the early secret fantasies of love with someone other than one's mate, through last-minute misgivings and waverings before the first consummation, through the daring plunge into adultery and the conflicts, guilty feelings, and violent swings of mood it often brings on, to the flourishing, decaying, and aftermath of the affair -no respect about its significance is left unanswered. And throughout the confidences of the case histories are backed up by information gathered in probing sessions with psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists, and marriage counselors and by data compiled from hundreds of replies to a specially designed questionnaire sent out to men and women all over the country.

In a book as compelling as a best-selling novel, Morton Hunt explores one of the most engrossing and profoundly troubling of contemporary concerns. His discoveries shed new light on the emotions and yearnings that drive people to seek extra-marital love, the kinds of experiences they have, and the temporary and long-range effects their affairs have on their marriages, on their lives, and on society.

Monday, 10 November 2014


ISBN-13: 978-1-463-596071

Writer::C.W. Pollard
Title: Threesome
Subtitle: How To Find Yourself In Bed With Two Women
Language: EnglishN
Place of Publication: N/A

Publisher: Overunity Publications
Year of Publication: 2014 [2011]
Format: 127x209mm(trimmed)
Pages: unpaginated [41]
Binding: paperback in duotone printed wrappers
Weight: 58gr.
Original Price: USD 7.11
Entry Date: 2014033
Entry Date: 10th November 2014

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ISBN-13: 978-1-62778-030-8
Writer::Tristan Taormino
Title: 50 Shades of KInkSubtitle: An Introduction to BDSM
Foreword: Rachel Kramer Bussel
Language: English

Place of Publication: Berkeley, CA
Publisher: Springer Cleis Press
Year of Publication: 2014
Format: 125x173mm(trimmed)
Pages: xxix+141
Jacket Design: Scott Idleman/Blink
Jacket Photo: Celesta Danger

Binding: paperback in colour printed wrappers
Weight: 157gr.
Original Price: USD 14.95
Entry Date: 2014032
Entry Date: 3rd November 2014


Let's say you read Fifty Shades of Grey, or another erotic, provocative novel like Story of O. You enjoyed these fictional accounts of dominance and submission, power and lust, pleasure and pain, hot sex and incredible orgasms. Let's say you enjoyed them a lot. Where do you go from there? Tristan Taormino  lays out the best ways to make your fantasies into reality in 50 Shades of Kink, her newest primer to erotic exploration.  it's both the perfect beginner's guide and a wonderful refresher course. Whether you want to get up close and personal with blindfolds, crops and paddles or are just looking for some inspiration top keep things fresh in the bedroom, 50 Shades of Kink is your playbook.